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Credits: Composer

Writer/Director Justin Walters writes of his film, coming in 2015:

At the heart of this film is one indigenous story about connection to the land – a story about a young boy who in many ways is caught between two cultural worlds. A present danger in his everyday life leads him to flee – deeper and closer to the landscape. The healing, transformative relationship he discovers points to the deep roots of aboriginal cultures – which exist not so far from day to day westernised life.

We created a soundtrack that followed and supported the emotional journey of Sam, the film’s 10 year old protagonist who, dressed in a lion costume, traverses the outback of Western Australia. Along with his grandfather he is escaping from his birthday party that Sam’s father has violently ruined. The escape is temporary however, and Sam must make it to the top of the local mountain range by himself with his father in pursuit. This is a journey that tests Sam physically and emotionally well beyond his years and teaches him that too often people measure how strong a person is by their muscles and not by the lion’s heart.

The music features Whadjuk songman and cultural custodian Barry Macguire, who contributed a selection of traditional songs to the soundtrack.


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