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Credits: Songwriting, Music Production.

Joni In The Moon have shown developing artists how it is done, composing musical masterpieces and driving vocal melodies.

-X-Press, 4.5 stars

Do yourself a favour and listen to this album, NOW.

-The Music, 4 stars

In her newest offering, Joni’s ethereal, floating melodies paint visions of landscapes and emotion. When coloured by the layerings of strange and beautiful soundscapes dreamed into reality by her brother Josh Hogan, Joni’s songworks transport you to places and into feelings. Planting memories like ghosts on the moor, hauntingly tender, sutbley melancholic, her voice creeps under skin and makes its home…

Joni combines her sometimes tender, sometimes emotionally laden performance with a captivating stage presence and audiences can’t help but be drawn into her inner world onstage.

These songs were born from a different time, a different body. Being so insular for so long has revealed to me a purer place to draw from.

Josh is co-writer and producer on Joni in the Moon’s debut album.


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