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Starring two great local divas, Sara Macliver and Fiona Campbellinto the SHIMMER HEAT is a contemporary work inspired by the great romantic operas. There are passionate love songs and arias of loss and despair accompanied by brilliant musicians, a fabulous set, extraordinary puppetry and inspiring dance.

This is a story of a modern West Australian family broken and reunited in the desert . At times heartbreakingly sad, it is also uplifting with acts of courage, humour and triumph that inspire. An opera should take its audience on an emotional roller coaster and into the SHIMMER HEAT will certainly deliver that rush.

But it’s also full of the unexpected. The lead character in this opera is mute, and will be performed by a wonderful young dancer, Sofie Burgoyne. The musicians are part of the action, as is the set which continually transforms through the magic of puppetry and animation.

The spectacular visuals include a hot air balloon disaster, a violent storm, vast emptiness, an oasis teaming with life, and a comical camel.

Perth has never seen anything like this independent West Australian production before. Major Production Funding from the State Government is an acknowledgement of its quality, ambition and potential for national and international touring.

Press: ABC, Limelight Mag, Opera-Britannia

Josh created the sound design for the contemporary opera, Into the Shimmer Heat, by David Pye and Lee Buddle.

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