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In July, 2008, we were lucky enough in Perth to host the master percussionist/soundmaker Fritz Hauser. Together with our great perth buddies Louise Conroy and Daniel Susnjar, we put on a show that had a loose form (in 5 parts), but was on the whole improvised. The result was a resounding sound and a resounding success, thanks in no small way to Fritz’s amazing ability to draw our audience into the sounds he was making.

The show was called ‘insert space here…’, and was performed at the WA Academy of Performing Arts Round Theatre, 21/7/08. Editing/Postproduction was by Derek Ho, filming was by Derek Ho / Dirty Stylus productions.

Below is a little showreel of some of the highlights from the performance (remember you can hit the ‘HD’ button and go to vimeo to watch it in HD if you have the bandwidth)

We hope to eventually post a full video of the whole performance.

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