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Credits: Composer, Sound Designer.

An ancient land surrounded by sea.

Two people’s journey through life with the sea as their guide: A boy born with the gift that he will never drown.
A woman who yearns to communicate with the sea birds that mirror her fractured life.

Drawing inspiration from the relentless shifts and depths of the sea, Indigenous choreographer Simon Stewart and east coast choreographer Penelope Mullen have created a unique dance work entitled Dreamtide. The works dive into the multi-faceted nature of the sea and explore the beauty and the treachery of the tides that are experienced and felt by people Australia-wide, then and now.

Ochre contemporary dance’s production Dreamtide contained two works, She Unfurls by Penelope Mullen and The Caul, by Simon Stewart.

70 mins of new music was commissioned for the show, which Damaru Studio wrote and produced.

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