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I was recently involved as composer and sound designer for WA’s brand new contemporary Indigenous dance company, Ochre.

Amongst other things, I composed an original hybrid music and sound design score for Jacob Lehrer’s piece Orion’s Belt, based on the Ancient Greek Orion myth. Orion is a primal character, born of the earth, and so I went for an overall primal (read: animal) feeling for the sonic palettes in the piece.

Probably easier to listen to get an idea from listening to it (player below). It is a through-composed piece (one piece flows to the next), with the following form in the introductory section:

Intro (pre-dawn)

Birth (Orion is born from the earth)

Merope’s Theme (Young love theme)

Orion’s Belt 1

Love Theme

It then heads off into some heavier territory at the end of the edit below (it’s audio from the first 5 or so mins)

The piece as reviewed in a few different spots, here’s a few:

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